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Meet Brick Room Events

Brick Room Events is a premiere historical event space located in the heart of Downtown Conway, AR. Built in 1923, it originally served as a Ford manufacturing plant and dealership. Now we are a beautifully unique venue that unites urban progress and historic tradition. Our striking 35-foot ceiling and expansive 5,400 square feet of design space create the perfect atmosphere for any event.

Meet the Team

Meet the ladies of the Brick Room! Our staff consists of amazing women who are dedicated to making your wedding day perfect.

Jessica, Jennifer & Zoe are here to help you from your first tour to the big day and everything in between 

Ashely, Brittany, Erin, Dallas & Natalie are your highly skilled mixologist that will ensure every drink is perfect for your guest

And Katie is the fearless owner of the Brick Room for the past 10 years

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